We’re a diverse group of people from all walks of life – blue collar, white collar, no collar, religious, political, both and neither – who meet once a month at locations around the DFW metroplex to share and celebrate the things that we have in common. Specifically our love of all things pipe culture.


The L.S.P.C. is a bit of a gypsy roadshow. We meet once a month, generally on the second Thursday of the month, and we meet in a different place every month. The Dallas/Fort Worth area is huge and we try our best to spread the love around the metroplex in the hopes that, if you can’t make it one month, maybe we’ll be close to you next month.

Our meetings generally start around 7pm and go until around 10 or so but there is no reason that members can’t come late or leave early. We’re informal and flexible. If there is a change in venue for some reason, we will let the group know via facebook as soon as possible.


The L.S.P.C. is pretty laid back when it comes to membership. Currently, there is no formal membership, there are no official rules, and there are no dues to be paid. We keep it simple. Come, share, smoke, and leave refreshed.